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How to Increase Your Amazon Product Rank with, PPC and Facebook Ads

With Sponsored Products PPC getting more and more expensive every month, Amazon is becoming a pay-to-play platform for 3rd party sellers. Cost per click, ACoS% and spent go up, along with number of competitors in each category.

In this blog post, we will teach you how to make up with the constantly growing of Amazon’s in-house advertising system by combining Amazon PPC (internal traffic) with external traffic that improves organic rank via Facebook Ads, tracking links and few other elements. This strategy will very likely allow your product to get Amazon Choice badge for the most appropriate keywords.

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How to Kickstart Your Amazon Sales with PPC Sponsored Products Ads

If you started considering Amazon as one of your sales channel, here’s how to kickstart your Amazon sales.

First, you must understand that Amazon is a highly competitive platform for sellers. One must know all the basics to generate sales through options such as the “Sales Button” or using correct keywords to be found by customers that don’t know your brand. We’ll get you started with the basics and once you feel ready, you can read a full and detailed guide for beginning your Amazon career.

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Why You Should Sell on Amazon?

If you are brand owner – why should you sell on Amazon?

You might already have a successful wholesaling operation

OR, you might be established on your own webstore via Shopify, Bigcommerce, or something similar

OR, you might be a new brand looking to gain traction as soon as possible.

And now you’re thinking about expanding your channels.

You’ve likely heard Amazon is a logical next step – but why?

As a logical brand owner you want to understand WHY before you ever make a decision based on hype simply for hype’s sake.

The “WHY” is what I’ll address in this blog post.

Let’s get right into the first reason.

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Enhancing Brand Visibility Using Amazon Marketing Services

The Importance of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Available for Vender Central and Vendor Express, Amazon Marketing Services is an online, self-service advertising solution to enhance brand discoverability. Like other advertising solutions, advertisers use AMS to drive demand for their products through Sponsored Search, Headline Search and Product Display Ads. Amazon vendors and even some 3rd party sellers who have been using Amazon for a long time can benefit from Amazon Marketing Services, but access to Amazon Vendor Central is required in either case. Amazon allows advertisers to start their advertisement campaign even on a low budget (as little as $100) and on a click-based payment.

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Protecting Your Brand Using Amazon Brand Registry

Sellers who have their own brands and sell/manufacture their own products are often concerned about limited control over their product listings and unauthorized sellers. Amazon brand registry helps address their concerns and is a program to make it easier for them to better manage their brands. Amazon brand registry is a great tool to prove the ownership of the products and allows sellers to:

  1. Have increased control and authority over product listings, including titles, images and descriptions
  2. Use product IDs such as Model Number instead of standard product identifiers such as EANs and UPCs, which is useful if a manufacturer has a private label brand or sells specialized products that do not have standard identifiers.
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Amazon Seller Central vs. Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central may sound like the same thing, but the differences are significant and change the way you do business on Amazon. Amazon Seller Central is an excellent option for third-party sellers that want Amazon shoppers to see their stock on the site. Almost anybody can use Seller Central to sell their products to Amazon customers who are ready to pay a premium. However, the same is not true in the case of Amazon Vendor Central as it’s an invite-only system. To qualify for Amazon Vendor Central, your business needs to be prominent on Amazon’s radar. Popular brands and big companies are usually the kinds of sellers that make it to Vendor Central, which also changes the seller status from being a third-party seller to becoming a first-party seller (in fact Amazon is doing the selling for you).

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Hiring an Amazon Marketing Agency vs Managing your own Seller Central Account

Sometimes things don’t work according to our expectations, often due to lack of expertise, skills and time. Managing your Amazon seller central account in such a way that it turns into a success, demands a professional approach and many may feel puzzled by all the ‘stuff’ that Amazon expects from third party sellers. Make one little mistake and you risk ruining the reputation you made over time with so much hard work. That’s where the professional service of an Amazon marketing agency can help you stay out of trouble using the expertise, experience and skills they have about Amazon TOS, Amazon Marketing and dealing with Amazon support stuff.

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Amazon Buy Box Explained – Tips to improve your buy box share

First of all, what is the Amazon buy box?

The Amazon buy box is the big orange call to action that usually says “Add to Cart” and leads shoppers to the payment process when clicking on it.

When you are just a shopper on Amazon you might not even know about it, but when you search for something and click on a listing that comes up, then only one seller, even if there are many for that particular product, will be the one that “owns” that listing for the moment. That seller is in the buy box. What about the others? There is a small link below the buy box, the call to action that says “3 New from $X,XX”. Ever noticed that? Well when you click on that you’ll see a list of sellers, their item price, shipping cost and estimated shipping time. Only the one on top is in the buy box.

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Amazon International Selling: Expand Your Business and Sell Globally

People who want to expand or even start with Amazon international selling often find themselves in a tricky situation. With the excitement also come fears of things like shipping delays, credit-card frauds and a whole bunch of other things. But selling internationally on Amazon is not as risky as many people believe and with the right strategy, selling through Amazon’s international marketplaces can be very rewarding.

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