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Why You Should Sell on Amazon?

If you are brand owner – why should you sell on Amazon?

You might already have a successful wholesaling operation

OR, you might be established on your own webstore via Shopify, Bigcommerce, or something similar

OR, you might be a new brand looking to gain traction as soon as possible.

And now you’re thinking about expanding your channels.

You’ve likely heard Amazon is a logical next step – but why?

As a logical brand owner you want to understand WHY before you ever make a decision based on hype simply for hype’s sake.

The “WHY” is what I’ll address in this blog post.

Let’s get right into the first reason.

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Protecting Your Brand Using Amazon Brand Registry

Sellers who have their own brands and sell/manufacture their own products are often concerned about limited control over their product listings and unauthorized sellers. Amazon brand registry helps address their concerns and is a program to make it easier for them to better manage their brands. Amazon brand registry is a great tool to prove the ownership of the products and allows sellers to:

  1. Have increased control and authority over product listings, including titles, images and descriptions
  2. Use product IDs such as Model Number instead of standard product identifiers such as EANs and UPCs, which is useful if a manufacturer has a private label brand or sells specialized products that do not have standard identifiers.
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