With Sponsored Products PPC getting more and more expensive every month, Amazon is becoming a pay-to-play platform for 3rd party sellers. Cost per click, ACoS% and spent go up, along with number of competitors in each category.

In this blog post, we will teach you how to make up with the constantly growing of Amazon’s in-house advertising system by combining Amazon PPC (internal traffic) with external traffic that improves organic rank via Facebook Ads, Pixelfy.me tracking links and few other elements. This strategy will very likely allow your product to get Amazon Choice badge for the most appropriate keywords.

If you have never heard of it, Pixelfy is a great tool (invented by Amazon sellers) to improve organic rank for any of your products, in any marketplace. It works by increasing attribution and rank by associating to particular keywords (chosen by you).

You can get your Pixelfy.me account here and use the code “GROWTHHACK” for a 20% discount on your monthly subscription fee.

The video above is a detailed explanation of how this strategy will increase your gross sales while decreasing your budget spent on Amazon PPC, introduced by Growth Hack Consulting LTD. It all began when we looked for the best tools to increasing attribution value to search terms/keywords, in order to improve Sponsored Product Ads performance

As an Amazon seller, you should understand the real value of organic rank, attribution and ad performance when it comes to PPC. Figuring out this, will bring you half way to cut useless wastes on your spent budget.

Before we start, here’s a little bit more abut this Ranking Strategy that makes combined use of Pixelfy.me, Facebook Ads and Amazon Sponsored Products:

Why it is good:

A. Works with every product, if the listing is indexed for keywords to rank.

B. It’s good for launching new products and to increase sales of old products

C. Works in every marketplace, also in the EU.

D. It’s easy to combine with PPC and you can manage the source of external traffic with Facebook by increasing or decreasing daily budget.
In the video above, Davide Nicolucci explains how this running belt by Build & Fitness reached great results in organic rank for most of the keywords in just 2 weeks and getting Amazon Choice badge with only $500 in total budget for external traffic.

#1 . Create an Amazon Promotion (Percentage Off) via Group Coupon Code

Start with creating a promotion for the product you want to rank. This will allow to increase conversion rate on your external traffic ads via Facebook. Remember that the user will be able to copy the coupon code on the landing page provided by Pixelfy, or you can as well create your a landing page on your own website if you want to add some extra customization (or ask for email).

What kind of discount is the best? Keep it between 15% to 35% for optimal ranking results.

#2. Research the Top Keywords to ran

Selecting the right keywords is crucial for the correct execution of this strategy. You can get search terms from many different sources, we advice to stick with PPC Search Terms and Brand Analytics and make sure your keywords:

  • Have enough search volume
  • Have a good conversion rate, or
  • Have a good CTR (if not enough sales are obtained)
  • Are not too competitive
  • Are strictly relevant to your product

And very importantly, make sure your product is indexed for these terms.

#3. Create the Tracking Links

Use Pixelfy to create Supreme Url 2.0 links that will give great push to organic rank in just a matter of days or weeks, if the search terms are selected carefully.

We suggest to add an intermediate landing page to give extra information to the buyer before purchasing the product on Amazon.

You can check your product indexation with a Pixelfy Url: if Amazon shows your product on search results, the product is indexed. Otherwise it is not, and that Url is never going to work.

#4 Create Facebook Ads Campaign

Create Traffic campaigns, with link click as objective. Already with a budget of $10 per day you will be able to see some impressive results within few days or weeks

Quick tip: make use of Micro Targeting when creating new audiences on Facebook. Instead of targeting broad audiences in terms of sex, age, location and interests, break it down into many micro audiences and create different groups. This will lower your overall CPC.

At the end of set up, you should have:

  • One ad set per target audience
  • One ad per tracking link (the name of the ad is the search term used)

This will allow you to switch on-off any audience or keyword that is not performing well

#5 Support Facebook Ads with Amazon PPC Campaign

Take your keywords and put them on a new Amazon PPC campaign using only exact match and higher TOS bidding:


This is the beginning set up of Organic Rank + Paid Rank strategy that combines Amazon PPC, Pixelfy Tracking Url and Facebook Ads. There are many variable that can be changed, and many other elements that can be added. As a successful seller, it will be up to you to evaluate which tools will bring the most value to your marketing.